Our competency and 
science-based training programs 
delivers real-time results

Our programs are created to make learning more effective, easier and more accessible. 

Our award-winning library of microlearning training videos is fresh and covers the topics you need for your modern workforce.

Our videos are carefully designed to fit into the ideal run time of 5-10 minutes. Learners absorb the information quickly and get back to their workday.


The short training dramatically increases engagement, leading to higher confidence when applying the new knowledge and skills on the job.


Our Programs

Put your employee training program on autopilot with customized learning paths that will capture the learner’s attention, transfer & fortify knowledge allowing for immediate on the job application.

Brainstorm Team Meeting


Our leadership training videos are the perfect support tool for existing leaders to build on their leadership skills, or for new leaders to develop theirs.

Online Workout

Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness topic covers everything from dealing with stress, understanding mental health, ergonomics, financial wellness, and much more.

Reaching a Deal

Selling Skills

Our award-winning selling skills training library helps boost your sales team's knowledge of the sales process and move leads down the funnel.

Paying Customer

Customer Services

Our customer service training helps your employees create positive interactions and lasting relationships with customers.


Health Care Aid

Our Health Care Aid training helps you keep up-to-date with many mandatory and specialty topics to improve the knowledge and understanding, and further develop your career.

Financial Report


Our professional productivity training courses are the perfect solution to providing training on an as-needed basis.