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Our customer service training helps your employees create positive interactions and lasting relationships with customers.

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Customer Service

In this course, we’ll help your team develop the proper skills to maintain high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The goal is to help you increase your team’s ability to manage your customer’s expectations and develop true and meaningful interactions. 


Why HippoHub Courses

for Customer Service Training?

Your employees responsible for customer service need training and ongoing support to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. They deliver your brand promise with every customer interaction. Or do they?

Customer Service training videos from HippoHub provide short-form, eLearning content in a microlearning format. Our off-the-shelf content will engage and entertain your employees while they learn skills such as telephone techniques for handling angry callers and how to upsell in retail.

Additional Customer Service

Training Courses

Let the experts at HippoHub help boost your customer service. We have created a comprehensive library that includes customer service training topics such as:


Creating Great Customer Conversations


Feedback Basics


Quality Customer Service

Working in Retail

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